Tuesday, 22 March 2016

This week in Room 16 we have been busy little bees.  However, we are really looking forward to the Easter holiday! 
In maths this week we have been learning how to create a 3 element continuing pattern. We based our learning on the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Here are the flowers we created. Can you read our petal patterns starting from the black dot and going clockwise? 

We also made Easter patterns and here is some of our work.

This term we have been learning how to draw and add detail. Here is our first attempt at
drawing faces. Did you check out our drawings of our Mums, Dads,Nanas and Papas in the hall? Come along and see our masterpieces!


  1. Good job room 16 nice work on the flowers Maddison and Kymaani nathan from Zyah

  2. Good job room 16 nice work on the flowers Maddison and Kymaani nathan from Zyah

  3. Kia ora Room 16 I'ts Kaede here from Mamaku hub. It looks like yous have been very busy. I really like your drawings they look fabulous.Keep up the anō te pai (great) work. From Kaede

  4. Hi room 16
    I like your art work that you did they look so good I I am looking ford to the holidays and cap up the good work.

    From Felix

  5. Kia ora Room 16. Its Bodie.
    I really like your art that you have done. Because it looks like you have put a lot of effort into your art. Next time you could maybe take the photos a bit closer up so you can see the pictures a bit better. I have done similar art to that at my house. How long did it take you to do your amazing art? Noho iho rā. By Bodie.

  6. Kia ora Room it is Summer from Mamaku hub.
    Wow that is some amazing work It look it you had been really busy. I really like your art because you had put a lot of effort into the work. I really like the colour of you flower the stand out really well. I really like you face they are really good well done room 16

  7. Kia Ora Room 16 it's Kaleb from Mamaku Hub.
    WOW that is some fantastic art work that you guys have been doing, it looks like you have been really busy. I really like that colors they really stand out. It looks like you have put so much effort into your art. They are some great faces, it looks like they would be so hard. Keep up the good work room 16.

  8. Kia Ora Rata 4, my name is Kyra and I am a year 6 in Mamaku 1.

    I like this post because there are heaps of photos of the children's art and work. I also like how you have informed the reader on what you had been doing that week.

    This reminds me of Easter, and going up to my Aunt and Uncles's house in Mapua, Nelson. Usually at their house, they spoil me and my brother with sweets and presents (even if it's not a special occasion!).

    What's your favorite part about Easter? Is it chocolate? Is it just the holiday? Do any of you have family that you visit in the holidays?

    Great work,
    Kyra, Mamaku Hub

  9. Hello Rata 4! It's Hannah from Mamaku 1.

    WOW those pieces of art look really good! I bet it took a while to do that. I really like the flower art, it looks really pretty!

    Maybe next time, you could say how you did it so that people who might want to make it can do it themselves.

    Which one do you think is the best?

    Good Job!
    Hannah :D
    Mamaku 1

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  11. Kia Ora Rata
    these flowers are awesome
    were they hard to make?